Close up

Walk around / Mix & Mingle

The ice-breaker act. The magician moves around the venue approaching and surprising your guests with fun and engaging illusions. Perfect for a coffee break, cocktail reception or a dinner party.

This particular act is one of the most flexible, making it the right choice for bringing people together and generating a fantastic buzz among guests.

Stand up

Parlor magic

Designed for small and medium sized venues, Artur's stand up magic show fits any type of event. This entertaining and highly interactive magic show is fully packed with lots of comedy and jaw dropping illusions that will certainly delight your audience.

This act has a standard length but it can be shortened or extended to suit your specific needs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

 - Stand up


Tailored magic

Artur Santos works with a multidisciplinary team (including other magicians, designers, engineers and technicians) on a daily basis. No matter the nature of your event, Artur will tailor a performance set to suit your needs, whether you require a full Stand up show or an intimate Close up performance.

Eight to eighty, be sure to rely on us to help you design your next magical moment.

 - Magia Personalizada

Team building

Group activities

A motivated team reflects in the well-being and productivity of any organisation. With that in mind and because we value the pursuit of growth, we have developed a number of team building exercises based in magic.

Our methodical group activities can be strategically customised to suit your needs and will be aligned to reflect the values ​​and culture of your organisation, promoting not only team work, time management, creative thinking, team bonding but also the development of intellectual and influencing skills in the participants.

Be it a quick one hour breakout session or half day programme, gather your team and provide them with a magical day.

 - Team Building
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